Astrology Chart Calculator

Astrology Chart Calculator

Astrology Chart Calculator offers many more in-depth astrology reports for birth charts, forecasts, and relationships. Due to time and manpower constraints, they cannot respond to every email and comment about their free chart service. However, they do read your feedback and do their best to make this the best free astrology chart calculator.

How to use Astrology Chart Calculator?
  • Enter Month/Date/Year first. The correct time is crucial for determining your Zodiac house, rising sign, and moon position. Try to be as accurate as possible. The Rising Sign and Moon sign might be inaccurate if you do not know the time. Any planet at the border of a sign may also be inaccurate.
  • Enter the legal time of birth and day of birth. The database of Astrology Chart Calculator contains a record of all time zones throughout history, including wartime, daylight time, etc. These time zones will be automatically compensated.
  • Keep in mind that they no longer email these free birth charts because the service was being abused. You can print the web page on most browsers, or even save it on your hard drive, simply by selecting ‘File’ and ‘Save page’ button.
  • The coordinates of your place of birth and the time zone of your time of birth will be looked up in a 250,000 place worldwide atlas. If you cannot find the place, it is likely due to incorrect spelling or other mistaken entry. In that case, you will be prompted for more information.
  • Yugoslavia, USSR, and other former communist countries will not be found. Please use the most current country names.
  • If there are many towns in your country that have the same name, I suggest you alternate a different town nearby having a unique name. Otherwise, the website will choose whichever town is found first in its database. Although our windows software has no limitations, this free web page is presently limited in that area.
What to know about Astrology Chart Calculator?

This free Astrology Chart Calculator program uses the Placidus method of determining astrological houses, which is the most popular program in the world. There are at least 30 other systems, and many American astrologers would like to use the Koch house system. The particular planet may also help you calculate which system works best for you personally. When there is a shadow of the doubt, on the other hand, some astrologers will “promote” that planet to the higher number of the two houses in question.

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