Capricorn Woman Traits

Capricorn Woman Traits

Women will be listed to Capricorn if their dates of birth are between December 21st and January 20th. The Sea Goat is truly its Zodiac symbol. To be mainly ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is the Earth sign, and the 10th sign of the Zodiac cycle.

How may a person recognize a true Capricorn female? Is there any specific trait we may use to identify this individual?

Of course, men in a relationship with women belonging to this sign will surely desire to know this, right? Actually, it is quite tough to depict a Capricorn woman since she can be a smart scientist on one hand or be a glamorous person on the other. Although she is on the outside, all she is seeking for is recognition, position, respect and security. Want to discover more about this lady? It’s time to consult this article now!

A Brief Trait Of A Capricorn Woman
  • Her Bright Sides: Disciplined, Patient, Flawless Etiquette and Hardworking
  • Her Dark Sides: Yes-man all the time, Complacent, Touchy and Depressive sometimes.

Her Physical Attraction
A typical Capricorn woman will have a well-structured and petite body, coupled with a slender neckline. Besides, she possesses the very somber and deep eyes; thus, her “Earthy” beauty is truly rejuvenating and fresh. The truth is that this woman never appears unattractive, even though she is wearing the rollers on her hair or a pair of spectacles on her eyes. Although she always appears confident outside, she is often insecure and anxious about her appearance inside. Saturn also blesses her with the refreshing beauty in spite of time. This makes her always look younger than her real age.

In some cases, she often has thin and silky hair as well as noticeable cheekbones. Specially, the sensual lips and well-shaped eyebrows are apt to add more magnetism to her look. A Capricorn lady also possesses a very beautiful smile which she often gets many positive compliments for it.

As A Friend
  • She is known as a modest person who finds it really hard to approach someone at the beginning. This lady is more cautious about her demeanor. Nonetheless, she is very warm, making the long-lasting friendships.
  • When it comes to making friends with anyone, age will not be a big matter for her as she is pretty popular with individuals at different age groups.
  • To be described as the loyal and valuable friend, this person has a tendency to disclose all of her hidden stories very easily without any doubt to her buddies once feeling that they are close enough.
As A Lover
  • A Capricorn lady is totally independent, and prefers to be treated with great respect.
  • She often likes to be in charge of something and her surroundings. In fact, this woman will not hesitate to share any responsibilities with us as a sweetheart if she feels that both need to have the equal duties.
  • She highly appreciates the feeling of financial stability and security, and she may be ready to show all of her love and passion when feeling secure that she has met the true mate in her whole life.

As A Wife
  • Though this female is described to be career-oriented, she really loves the family life. She is very fond of cooking a good meal and taking care of a house. How about her perfect spouse? That is a man who is successful, honest and traditional.
  • Additionally, a Capricorn lady is truly cautious about finance and carefully economical in her approach. In fact, her strong sense of responsibility will not allow her to feel guilty about any sacrifice made for her family.

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