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Cancer is the leader of Water signs. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer natives are sensitive, intuitive, kindness yet conservative and mysterious. It is very hard to understand Cancer. Just like its symbol, these people are as stubborn as a crab. They never let their favorite things go, like the way a crab grasp something by its pincers. However, once you succeed in open a crab’s heart, you will find that they are most friendly, humorous, and sympathetic people in the world. Let’s read Horoscope.com Cancer to understand more about the fourth sign of the Zodiac.

What does Horoscope.com Cancer say?
Horoscope.Com Cancer

Cancer is all about shyness and insecurity. You will find them reserved and shy at the first sight. If you are a stranger, a Cancer will never talk to you or show any friendship sign. Their faith in people is not big enough to start a relationship. You have to show the Crab your real heart first, and when they feel you are trusted, then they will open their heart and let you come inside.

Cancer has a difficulty in trusting people, which is why they are quite reserved and do not have many friends. However, this feature makes them become the most loyal sign. Once they decide to accept you as a lover, they will never trick you or betray you. They will love you with all part of their heart under any circumstance. They will never leave you unless you want to end this relationship and move on to a new one. A Cancer will never let you go. Like Horoscope.com Cancer said, they are too kind-hearted to say goodbye first.

Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt; they tend to hide themselves behind the tough sell to avoid being hurt by others. These folks live in the past. They often dwell on the past to review their happy memories. They need to learn to let go and enjoy the present rather than spending their time with nostalgia.

Cancer has lots of emotional issues to cope with but once they defeat the big hurdle of shyness and insecurity, they can do everything. With their strong intuition, sensitivity, intelligence, and observation, they will achieve great success in anything they operate.

Emotions and feelings are hallmarks of this sign, according to Horoscope.com Cancer. They never stop feeling, and this is the root of their problems. They have to deal with their strong feelings more than any sign else. Once properly harnessed, this powerful astrology sign can accomplish everything. They have the ability to struggle for what they think is right. The crabs are not interested in change, but they are good at doing what needs to be done. They are not lazy people nor pushovers.

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