How To Read An Astrological Chart?

Astrology is considered difficult and complex category. However, it might bring lots of useful and necessary things for those who want to study about themselves through their date of birth. If you learn about the astrology, it means you are studying about the communication between stars and planets.

How To Read An Astrological Chart?

What’s about astrological chart? It’s used to forecast happenings in the future and consult about a person’s relation to the rest of the world. Therefore, studying about how to read it for the perfect help and support might help you know something significant to yourself and your forthcoming future. Here is a basic guide to assist you to read this chart.

Step 1 – Get your own natal astrological chart

  • For the first time, you need to give your personal information to the astrologer such as your birth date together with time and place of birth.
  • Some people love drawing up on their own charts, but the greatest way that you should let the talented and experienced astrologer or someone who is well-known for astrology does.
  • Look at the chart and observe a round horoscope wheel with some pieces of information which are labeled by lines and symbols. Keep in mind that these symbols and signs will be represented 12 different Houses (also called Astrological signs).

Step 2 – Observe the outer ring of the circle
Look! The outer ring will be separated into 12 different sections. Each section will symbolize for each astrological sign.

Step 3 – Search for your Sun sign

  • Below the signs, you might see some symbols which symbolize nodes, trines, and planets. Additionally, you also search for degrees and measurements.
  • Remember that although the Sun sign plays an important part, it’s not the sole thing. The birth chart expresses where each planet in the solar system was positioned in the sky at the correct moment of your date of birth. These planets will affect you and reveal what you receive in the future.

Step 4 – Time to determine all the planets in this chart
You need to know that all the planets in the sky have a special influence on you. However, you’re just influenced by three factors at the most, including your Sun sign, Moon signs, and Ascendant.

Step 5 – Review the planets’ location with the chart to know the accuracy of the Astrology
At this time, you might search for all the information online or astrological books or ask the experienced astrologers. Owing to that, you are able to receive succinct explanations and insights.

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