Learn How To Interpret Astrology Chart

People today can easily get an Online Free Astrology Chart from their home comfort. They just need to provide their birth details including birth date, birth name, birth location, and birth time to get the informative astrological birth chart.

Steps to Interpret Astrology Chart – It’s Your Turn to Try
Learn How To Interpret Astrology Chart

With an Astrology chart on hand, it’s time to get it interpreted to discover your characteristics and fortune from birth. If you’re new to the Birth Chart, don’t worry as we are here to help you know how to write an interpretation of the chart!

  1. Prepare a sheet of paper to take notes.
  2. In the paper, put the Subject Heading and split your report into some certain necessary parts such as Basic Characteristics. Love and Relationship, Family, Health, Career, Business, etc.
  3. Focus on the element of the sign. It is advisable to rely on the four elements of the Zodiac (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air). However, you should not base on the elements too heavily because there are some other issues to consider. The modes are important. While the Cardinal reflects initiative, the Fixed Signs denote the stubbornness, and Mutable Signs are about flexibility. Check out the modality of your sign.
  4. Pay attention to the placement. Always first consider the Ascendant. Then, move to the placement of the Sun in Sign, Sun in House, the Moon, and more.
  5. Realize how each factor demonstrates the subject headings of characteristics, love, home, career, etc. For instance, a Moon in Taurus reflects the sign’s patience, emotional stability, and materialism. In each heading, place the proper keywords for the later review. In such instance, put the keywords “loyalty” and “emotional stability” in the Love heading of Taurus sign.
  6. Keep noting down the keywords for every planet in the sign, in a house, and any other astrological aspect involved in your Astrology Sign. Know that the Astrology Chart has been calculated based on your personal birth details, not that of anyone else! When you write the interpretation, think of your personal traits to see the correspondence.
  7. Once you have finished, you will realize the trends in the chart. Now, make the report about five pages long to showcase what you learn from your Astrology Chart. Of course, there are many things to share.
  8. You can choose to save the report for the self’s use or print it out to share with your mates and friends.
  9. After all, it’s preferable to have a talk with a professional Astrologer to see if your understanding of the Astrology Chart is accurate. Ask for the independent feedback about your one-sided reading.

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