The Easy Guide to Reading an Astrology Chart

Astrology Chart
Astrology Chart

You need to learn how to read an astrology chart in order to get a better understanding of your horoscope. When it comes to getting your horoscope, you generally end up considering the sun sign based on your birth date. However, astrology is a bit more complex than that.
You can get this chart from your astrologer. Alternatively, you can visit online sites for the same. You should avoid creating it yourself as the natal charts can be quite complex and errors will give you false astrology results. Once you have the chart, you need to understand the symbols placed on it.

  • Birth Sign: Referred to as the sun sign, the placement of the sun on your birthday determines it. The sun sign is responsible for your deep character and the most fundamental energies of your person. It also reflects the potential you have for spiritual growth.
  • Moon Sign: This sign reflect the emotional personality. When considered along with the position of Mercury, it will reflect the structure of your mental state. Just like the Sun sign, the moon sign is determined by the position of the moon during your birth.
  • Rising Sign: Also known as ascendant, this sign governs the self-image and appearance. The sign which is seen rising above the horizon at your birth will be your ascendant. Since the earth completes a rotation every 24 hours, it is very crucial that you know the exact time of your birth when calculating your ascendant.
  • Houses: There are 12 different houses each of which corresponds to a particular aspect of your character and life.

Once you have understood these elements it becomes easier to follow your horoscope. You will need to provide your astrologer with the above details in order to get a more detailed and highly specific horoscope. Understanding those elements will also help you get a better perspective of your character and nature through astrology.

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