The Exciting Things about Chinese Astrological Sign

Astrological Sign
Astrological Sign

Unlike the western astrological sign system, the Chinese system assigns each year to a particular sign. Additionally, the signs are different as well. As a result, you might become confused when you using this oriental system for the first time. Here is a short guide to the various signs in the Chinese system.

The Signs
  • Rat
  • In Chinese astrology, the rat tends to be cheerful and outgoing. They also tend to be alert and adaptable.

  • Ox
  • These people tend to be industrious, honest, cautious and persistent. However, they can also end up being obstinate and distant.

  • Tiger
  • People born under the tiger sign are generally loyal, tolerant and intelligent but they can also be arrogant and short-tempered.

  • Rabbit
  • People of the rabbit sign in Chinese astrology are capable of impressing others with their tenderness and sensitivity. However, they can also be timid, conservative and stubborn.

  • Dragon
  • These people are lively and intellectual. They can be inspiring, sensitive and magnanimous. However, they can become tactless, intolerant and eccentric.

  • Snake
  • The snake sign tends to be humorous, passionate and soft-spoken. On the other hand, they can also be fickle, sly and jealous.

  • Horse
  • Their dynamic nature and generosity makes them popular with people. Be that as it may, they are not very good keepers of secrets or at saving money.

  • Sheep
  • People born under this Chinese astrology sign are gentle, considerate, industrious and softhearted. On the other hand, they can also be moody and indecisive.

  • Monkey
  • These people are enthusiastic, innovative and intelligent but they can also become arrogant, selfish and jealous.

  • Rooster
  • These people are not only independent but also have a warm heart. On the other hand, they can be critical and impatient.

  • Dog
  • Loyalty, cleverness and responsibility are their strengths but they can be conservative and sensitive.

  • Pig
  • While they can be good-hearted and loyal, they may also be naïve and gullible.

You can ask an astrologist to know more about these signs.

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