The Features of the Cancer Sign and Their 2016 Horoscope

Cancer Sign
Cancer Sign

The Cancer sign can easily be one of the most difficult Zodiac signs to understand and know. They tend to be deeply intuitive and sentimental. Just like a crab, this sign tends to hide under a shell and will only open up under certain circumstances.

The Characteristics
  • Positives
  • Cancer men and Cancer women tend to be rather tenacious and emotional as well. They can be quite sympathetic and persuasive. They possess a high level of imaginative power and they are often loyal to a fault.

  • Negatives
  • Cancer people tend to be quite moody and suspicious which can be a problem for the other zodiac signs. They are capable of being manipulative as well. Pessimism is another of their negative characteristics. They also tend to be insecure.

  • Likes
  • Cancer men and Cancer women generally love art and other hobbies they can do at home. They enjoy being in or near water. They like helping out their loved ones and having good meals with them.

  • Dislikes
  • Being suspicious by nature, Cancer people do not like strangers. They are also not fond of revealing details of their personal life. They tend to be rather unforgiving and resentful of anything that slights them.

2016 Horoscope

The 2016 horoscope Cancer forecasts that this year will be the kind of year that they like. They will be able to use their natural charm and surround themselves with people that they like. Family and friends will play an important part in the life of Cancer people. There will be very little stress involved in that aspect.

Love is also a major point as partners will be more willing to listen to them and make them happy. Cancer people will also be enjoying a lot of opportunities and surprises this year which can help them grow. However, they should also take the time and build up a strong foundation for their daily lives.

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