What Makes Pisces and Scorpio A Compatible Couple?

Pisces and Scorpio
Pisces and Scorpio

When it comes to being astrological soul mates, no other zodiac sign fits the bill more perfectly than Pisces and Scorpio. Both the signs are highly emotional, sensitive, loving and intuitive.
It is both the differences and similarities that form a base for the Pisces and Scorpio compatibility. Both the sign has genuine respect for each other’s abilities and talents and are able to successfully interact in several different ways.
However, possible causes of difficulties in a Pisces and Scorpio marriage includes excessive sensitivity and mutual tendency towards mood swings. Both the signs wear their hearts on their sleeves but are not good at rationally discussing their grievances.

Other Facts about Pisces and Scorpio Pair

Some other lesser known facts about the Pisces and Scorpio couple are as follows:

  • Since both the zodiac signs belong to the same element- Water, Pisces and Scorpio compatibility percentage is quite high as they both are ruled by their hearts instead of their heads and share an emotional and strong approach towards life in general.
  • When it comes to Pisces and Scorpio compatibility sexually, both the signs are well matched because they are well toned with each other’s insecurities and fears as well as capable of sharing a tender yet deep emotional connection. Problems between the two arise when both the signs are not on the same page because Scorpio craves the physical intimation while Pisces is concerned with romance and softness.
  • Speaking of the Pisces and Scorpio friendship, they make a beautiful team with each other. This is possible because both the signs have the capability of tuning in into each other’s feelings and thoughts. Both make for great mind-readers, intuitively and sensitively picking up on one another’s thoughts and moods. Both the signs make use of feelings for detecting matters.

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